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Republicans’ Impeachment of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden defied a congressional subpoena to answer questions behind closed doors as the Republican-controlled House of Representatives prepared to push forward the impeachment probe of his father, President Biden. Hunter pressed his insistence that any appearance should be held in public and accused Republicans of exploiting his father’s support to help him during his substance abuse battle. He admitted making mistakes but insisted his father had nothing to do with his business deals. Republicans claim to have evidence suggesting President Biden could have benefited from his son’s deals, but so far have not uncovered anything directly implicating the president in any wrongdoing. Democrats and many House Republicans scoff at the allegations against Hunter Biden, criticizing the probe as a distraction from the looming criminal trials of former President Donald Trump. GOP lawmakers are planning to vote to launch an official impeachment inquiry in an attempt to force the White House to hand over more documents and bank records. Some moderate Republicans from suburban swing districts, who previously expressed concern about the impeachment push, are now appearing to line up behind House Speaker Mike Johnson’s impeachment crusade. This includes Rep. Mike Lawler, a prominent moderate facing a daunting reelection fight in his district, who framed his decision to vote for the impeachment probe as a push for answers in the politically charged matter.

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