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Travis Kelce credits Taylor Swift for boosting sales of his top-selling jerseys, according to NBC New York

NFL stars Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce’s merchandise sales are soaring in the United Kingdom, and Travis gave a shoutout to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, for helping boost their popularity. The brothers discussed the spike in sales on their podcast, “New Heights,” with Travis attributing the increase to Swift’s Swifties taking interest in the NFL, particularly the Kansas City Chiefs, where Travis plays. Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, joked that people may be purchasing his jersey thinking he’s dating Swift, to which Travis responded that fans are actually “Kylie Kelce” fans. This follows their relationship going public in September and includes Swift attending games and supporting Travis, as well as Travis joining her Eras Tour, showing the couple’s support for each other in public. Although his relationship with Swift may seem unusual given her past dating history, Travis’ interest in her was evident before their relationship went public, with him even previously attempting to meet her at a concert. He has stated that he intends to maintain privacy about his personal life moving forward and that he appreciates support from fans, although dismisses NFL coverage of their relationship as exaggerated. Both Swift and Kelce come from close-knit families, and it seems that their relationship is a successful match, despite possible public skepticism.

Photo credit www.nbcnewyork.com


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