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Thibodeau expresses no regrets after Jalen Brunson is injured during garbage time

The New York Knicks faced a loss to the Boston Celtics as Jalen Brunson was injured in the final seconds of the game. Despite the Knicks being down 12 and the Celtics emptying their bench, the Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau kept key players Brunson, Julius Randle, and RJ Barrett on the court. After landing on a Celtics player, Brunson twisted his ankle and limped off the court. Thibodeau said that he did not regret keeping Brunson in the game despite his injury. Similarly, Barrett was injured in garbage time almost two years ago, contributing to the Blackhawks’ season’s derailment. Other injuries included Mitchell Robinson, whose X-rays were negative, and he didn’t play for the entire fourth quarter. The X-rays were labeled as precautionary, and he was benched down the stretch because the reserves were making a run. In the wake of this game and other recent points of criticism, Barrett forcefully defended the team, sharing that “First, we were never going to be good. Now, we’re good, and now, we’re not good enough. I think we do, for not having the best player, we do very well for ourselves.” KeyCode calculator. Adding to the criticisms, Scott compared the team to other teams in the basketball Eastern Conference, pointing out that ““This is why the Knicks are going to stay in the middle. Every game they play, they’re going to have the second-best player”. Overall, the Knicks are facing challenges due to injuries and criticisms.

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