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Yazmin Lacey, a 35-year-old British musician, has been gaining a devoted following in Europe with her debut LP “Voice Notes.” Lacey’s music combines jazz, soul, electronica, and lovers rock, reflecting her Caribbean heritage. Born to a mother from Antigua and a father from Bequia, Lacey’s mellow voice draws listeners in and has been selling out dates for her first headlining tour in Europe. “Voice Notes” takes its name from the audio messages and spontaneous melodies she records on her phone, suggesting an intimate connection between Lacey and her audience.

Raised in East London, Lacey sang in the church choir, but it was not until her mid-20s that she started writing and performing songs with the encouragement of musician friends. Before “Voice Notes,” she released a trio of EPs while working full time with a youth support program in Nottingham. With this LP, Lacey has made music her sole career.

The album was deliberately crafted over two years, with Lacey collaborating with veteran producer and musician Dave Okumu. The album guides listeners into close quarters, reflecting her experiences growing up and her current inspirations. Lacey’s music has a sense of intimacy and calm, drawing the listener into her world.

The opening track of “Voice Notes,” a spoken memo on creative blocks and flow, sets the tone for the album, which builds layers and intensity before reaching a “mental calm” in the spacious, harp-based finale, “Sea Glass.” This fall, Lacey has been collaborating with songwriters and producers in the United States, exploring her next projects.

Lacey sees her artistic expression as an achievement for Black women, emphasizing the importance of freedom and boldness in the world. With plans to add U.S. dates in 2024, Lacey is poised to expand her following and continue sharing her soulful, layered music with a global audience.

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