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Northern and Western New York Battered by Lake-Effect Snowstorm

A lake-effect snowstorm hit parts of northern and western New York causing hazardous travel conditions and school closures. The storm dropped over a foot of snow in some parts of the region, with rates of more than one inch per hour and winds of about 35 miles per hour causing blowing and drifting snow. The worst of the storm has passed but additional snow bands could bring 6-12 more inches by Wednesday. Over three million people in Ohio, and parts of northern and western New York were under a lake-effect snow warning, with videos showing poor visibility and traffic closures. The storm is attributed to the warm, unfrozen Great Lakes and strong winds. The unpredictability of these storms is well-known, with residents in affected areas paying close attention to the forecast and preparing accordingly. The National Weather Service issued warnings for several New York Counties and parts of New England, and many school districts in the area were either closed or delayed. The snow can also wreak havoc on travel plans, as there were numerous crashes and delays on Interstate 90. Residents of affected areas have learned to take these storms seriously and recognize the unpredictability and severity of lake-effect snow.

Photo credit www.nytimes.com


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