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Alexandria Arena Plans Remain Monumental and Hopeful Despite Uncertain Future, According to NBC4 Washington

Monumental Sports & Entertainment is remaining optimistic about plans for a new arena in Alexandria, Virginia despite recent uncertainty. The deal saw progress with a strong bipartisan vote in the House of Delegates in favor of including the arena deal in the state budget bill. However, the Senate passed its own version of the budget without any language on the arena plans, leading to a conference committee to resolve the differences.

The arena deal includes a reenactment clause, requiring an additional vote of approval from the General Assembly after a year which could potentially affect the construction timeline. Monumental Sports & Entertainment is hopeful that the issue will be resolved in conference and they can move forward with their plans by the summer.

Although there are no immediate plans for a sportsbook near the planned arena, discussions may occur following the project’s approval. The General Assembly is expected to finalize its budget proposal before the scheduled adjournment on March 9th.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment remains committed to the new arena project and is encouraged by the recent progress made in the General Assembly. With continued support and cooperation, they hope to begin construction on the arena and solidify plans for its development in the near future.

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