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Ripping the Y2K Style with These Butterfly Jeans

Us Weekly is affiliated with many partnerships and they look to receive compensation when a link is clicked on and purchase is made. And this season, they are focusing on fashion trends of the 2000s. They are promoting the Viatabuna High-Waisted Ripped Jeans for $37 at Amazon, available on December 15, 2023. These casual but flashy jeans come in many size varieties and are form fitting and flattering to all body types. The jeans have a butterfly print, sparkles, and distress at the knees. Online reviews stated that this is a perfect pair of pants and that a daughter absolutely loved them. Notably the revenue from the sale of these jeans will be going to Charity Lawson for Purple Jeans that will benefit the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. Us Weekly is thrilled to partner with this event.

Photo credit www.usmagazine.com


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