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Yoga Instructors Exploring Cadaver Dissection for New Learning Opportunities

An epidemic of pseudo-knowledge has seized the fitness industry. Due to misinformed anatomy training via two-dimensional images, plastic models, and coloring books, wellness professionals have become eager to gain a deeper understanding of human anatomy. They’ve turned to cadaver dissection workshops to grasp more knowledge and improve their teaching skills.

In October, a human cadaver dissection workshop took place at Experience Anatomy in Charlotte, N.C. The dissection, led by Fauna Moore, a yoga instructor, offered an unforgettable learning experience to the participants. The real-life exploration of human anatomy allowed fitness instructors to understand the interconnectedness of muscles, tendons, and bones in the human body. With a cadaver in hand, the massage therapist who attended the event gleaned valuable insights about the inaccessibility of specific muscles that cause back pain, as opposed to the misconceptions portrayed by anatomical diagrams.

Undoubtedly, the realness and tangibility of actual human tissue have significantly influenced the participants’ teaching methods. As the fitness industry has been progressively recommending exercise to patients, dissection courses have offered fitness professionals a method to gauge the appropriateness and safety of their workouts, given the complex health conditions of their clients. This method is especially crucial to fitness professionals, given that their interaction with clients often precedes a visit to the doctor.

With such innovative learning methods, professionals such as Pilates and yoga instructors who work with real human bodies should learn from real human bodies. However, the realness and intimacy of interacting with cadavers were, indeed, shocking experiences for participants. The ethical implications may not be insignificant, and dissections offer both a valuable learning opportunity and a philosophically and emotionally profound experience. Whether it’s a good idea to extend such practice to many people is debatable, but the invaluable insights obtained about human anatomy and muscoskeletal structure would make it worth every participant’s experience.

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