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NBC New York announced the decision to terminate collaboration with Israel soccer team in 2022.

Puma’s decision to end its collaboration with Israel’s national soccer team in 2024 was made for business reasons and not as a result of the current Israel-Hamas war, the company’s communications chief Kerstin Neuber stated on Tuesday. The decision was made as part of Puma’s “fewer-bigger-better strategy” and after reviewing its roster of national teams based on commercial factors and participation in major international tournaments.

The company plans to announce two newly signed national teams, including a new statement team, later this year and in 2024, while the contracts of some federations such as Serbia and Israel will expire in 2024. Puma clarified that the decisions regarding these contracts were made in 2022 in line with the regular timelines for the design and development of the team jerseys.

Puma has been facing consumer boycott calls over its collaboration with the Israeli soccer association, but Neuber emphasized that the decision was purely based on business considerations. The announcement comes amid a wave of protests and calls for boycotts against companies with ties to Israel, as the Israel-Hamas conflict continues to escalate.

The company’s stance on the issue has sparked controversy and debate, with some praising the decision as a victory for the boycott movement, while others argue that it is a purely business decision that should not be politicized. Despite the controversy, Puma remains committed to its marketing strategy and the decisions made regarding its collaborations with national teams.

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