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Armie Hammer hints at turmoil with cryptic message about ‘things falling apart’

Armie Hammer, 37, the “Call Me by Your Name” star, has recently returned to social media, sharing updates and a message hinting at the sexual abuse scandal that has derailed his career. In a recent post on his Instagram story, Hammer shared a lengthy quote by nun Pema Chödrön discussing the idea of “letting go of everything.” This apparent nod to the aftermath of his controversy underscores his ongoing struggle.

The quote speaks to the idea of “letting things fall apart” and allowing room for all emotions. It also talks about the importance of “not knowing.” Hammer, who has been sober since checking into rehab following the scandal, has been taking steps towards recovery and focusing on his health and wellness. His new social media presence shows glimpses of his life, including time spent with friends and family.

The “Social Network” actor returned to Instagram after staying away for nearly three years amidst allegations of sexual misconduct by several women. Hammer faced rape allegations but did not face charges, as announced by the Los Angeles police in May. Despite his cancellation and family’s decision to cut him off, Hammer checked himself into rehab to treat his substance abuse issues with support from actor Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr., who has helped Hammer financially and provided him a place to stay, has been an important part of his recovery journey. Additionally, Hammer has been without the support of his girlfriend, Lisa Perejma, who has not appeared in the few images he has shared, as well as his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers. He continues to spend time with his two children and friends.

Armie Hammer’s social media presence shows that he is going through a period of healing and recovery following the scandal that has affected his life and career. With the support of family and friends, as well as his focus on health and wellness, Hammer is taking steps towards rebuilding his life and moving forward from his past troubles.

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