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Todd Chrisley Reveals Someone Demanded $2,600 a Month for His Daughter’s Protection in Prison – NBC New York

Reality TV star Todd Chrisley, who is currently serving a prison sentence for fraud and tax evasion in Florida, has made shocking allegations about the conditions at the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola. Chrisley claims that the facility is riddled with rats, squirrels, and black mold, and that the food served is up to a year past its expiration date. He also alleges that the prison staff are attempting to extort money from him by sending photographs of him sleeping and demanding payment for his protection. Chrisley’s wife, Julie Chrisley, who was convicted of the same charges, is serving her sentence at Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

According to Chrisley, the living conditions at the facility are so poor that he has been forced to use his own money to purchase food items at the prison’s commissary in order to avoid the meals provided by the prison. However, he claims that staff members are now attempting to “break” and “humble” him by withholding his commissary privileges.

Savannah Chrisley, Todd Chrisley’s daughter, has also spoken out about her father’s conditions in prison, alleging that there is black mold, asbestos, lead-based paint, and snakes in the facilities. She has voiced her concerns about the lack of proper medical care and nutrition for her father and other inmates.

The Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola has not yet responded to these allegations, but Chrisley’s claims have sparked widespread outrage and concern. Savannah Chrisley has described her father’s living conditions as “unacceptable” and has called attention to the poor treatment he and other inmates have been receiving in prison.

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