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Possible deadlock in Arizona Supreme Court abortion ruling, what happens next?

The Arizona Supreme Court, with a seven-member panel, is facing a crucial decision in the case of Planned Parenthood vs. Kris Mayes/Hazelrigg. This case could potentially have far-reaching implications for the legality of abortions in Arizona. The court is currently deadlocked, as it has decided not to replace Justice Bill Montgomery, leaving the possibility of a tie in the decision. The case centers on a conflict between two laws related to abortion in Arizona. One is a 2022 measure that allows abortions up until 15 weeks of gestation, which was favored in the most recent ruling. The other is a 19th-century, Civil War-era near-total ban on abortion. This case has drawn significant anticipation and attention due to its potential to impact the legal framework surrounding abortion in the state of Arizona.

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