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Keith Lee, a TikTok food critic, begins NYC restaurant tour with his reviews

Keith Lee, a prominent TikTok food critic and so-called influencer known for their restaurant reviews, has recently visited New York City with their family and faced backlash for their unusual order at a local deli. During his trip to the Big Apple, Lee received a message recommending him to order a salmon chopped cheese at a bodega in Queens, which sparked controversy among New Yorkers. The food critic, known for his take-out food review videos, gave a mixed rating to the items he ordered, resulting in online uproar among local residents.

While influencers can significantly impact local businesses and eateries, it seems Keith Lee’s influence may have backfired during his recent visit to New York. The controversial salmon chopped cheese recommendation prompted several videos and social media posts critiquing Lee’s choice and expressing concern about the accuracy of his impression of the New York City food scene. The unexpected order garnered widespread attention, but it also caused some unease among locals who questioned the unusual choice of the dish.

However, despite the controversy, TasteBudz Deli, where Lee ordered the salmon chopped cheese, has experienced an unexpected surge in business. The salmon chopped cheese has become the deli’s most popular menu item and has attracted attention from customers across the city and even celebrities like rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

Lee’s visit to various eateries has also led to an increase in sales for the businesses he has reviewed, prompting some spots to temporarily shut down orders to meet the demand. Dubbed the “Keith Lee effect,” the food critic’s reviews have had a substantial impact on small, local restaurants, driving customers to support these establishments amid a challenging economic environment.

As a result, many are closely following Lee’s next stops and the impact of his visits on local businesses, as the food critic continues to document his tour of New York City eateries. Despite the initial backlash, it’s apparent that Lee’s influence has the potential to significantly benefit small, often minority-owned, food establishments across various cities in the United States.

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