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Heavy Overnight Fighting in Gaza Reported as UN General Assembly Prepares to Vote on Ceasefire in Israel-Gaza War

Israel-Hamas conflict continues, with intense fighting and Israeli bombing in Gaza. Israeli strikes targeted Khan Yunis and Rafah, with some of the toughest fighting seen in over two months of conflict. Israel Defense Forces are aiming to control urban centers in northern Gaza and pursue Hamas in the south. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that Hamas is on the verge of dissolution, and the IDF is taking over its strongholds. The United Nations General Assembly is set to vote on a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, after the security council failed to do so.

Meanwhile, a land-based cruise missile launched from Houthi-controlled Yemen struck a commercial tanker vessel, causing a fire and damage but no casualties. The US Navy destroyer USS Mason rendered assistance, and the crew is safe. The Iran-aligned Houthis have threatened to target all ships heading to Israel and warned international shipping companies against dealing with Israeli ports.

Israel announced that it will open two additional checkpoints to examine relief supplies before dispatching them to Gaza. International aid organizations have struggled to deliver supplies with only the Rafah crossing in Egypt open for aid. Israel emphasized that no supplies will be entering Gaza from Israel but only via Egypt. Arab and Islamic nations have called for an emergency UN General Assembly session demanding a humanitarian ceasefire. With the Security Council paralyzed, the assembly’s non-binding resolution will demonstrate widespread global support for ending the Israel-Hamas war.

The conflict, which has spread beyond Israel and Gaza, has plunged the region into chaos. The UN is calling for an end to the violence, as civilian casualties mount, and aid organizations struggle to deliver crucial supplies. The situation is concerning for the international community, and the need for a ceasefire is more pressing than ever.

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