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TWiT 957: EU AI Act and 23andMe Data Breach discussed

In a recent episode of “This Week in Tech” hosted by Leo Laporte, several important topics were discussed, including the EU AI Act, the 23andMe hack, and the financial difficulties and layoffs at Twit.

The discussion began with a focus on the EU AI Act and the need for regulation of artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles. The potential of AI was highlighted, but the need to address misleading demonstrations and the debate on AI augmentation and regulation was also emphasized.

The conversation then shifted to privacy risks and public benefits, as well as the misuse of technology, including the Beeper’s impersonation of Apple’s server and the Cameo scandal. The impact of AI, Grock, and “free money” on the industry was also discussed, along with the potential of AI in advertising.

The episode also featured a discussion on the memories of the 1000 Van Ness Theater, as well as a lighthearted conversation about podcasts and potluck etiquette.

The guests on the show, Denise Howell, Owen Thomas, and Glenn Fleishman, offered valuable insights and perspectives on these important topics.

Listeners were encouraged to download or subscribe to the show and to consider becoming a member of Club TWiT to access episodes ad-free. The sponsors for the episode were also mentioned, including Miro.com, Nuts.com, GO.ACILEARNING.COM, and Wix.com.

Overall, the episode provided a comprehensive and engaging discussion on a wide range of important and timely issues in the tech industry, offering valuable insights and perspectives for both industry professionals and tech enthusiasts.

To listen to the full episode, visit https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech.

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