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The unfolding of the Las Vegas University shooting: A detailed account

Following a mass shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, police are examining a potential motive behind the attack. University President Keith Whitfield confirmed that three professors were killed in the shooting with a fourth professor suffering life-threatening injuries. University faculty and students will continue to work remotely through the end of the calendar year to address the physical and emotional trauma endured, said Whitfield. Authorities have reported that the gunman, identified as 67-year-old Anthony Polito, was denied jobs at various Nevada colleges and universities and was facing financial struggles. He had a list of intended targets during the attack, but none of the victims on Wednesday were named on that list. 911 recordings were released, detailing the panic and fear experienced by those on campus during the shooting, as well as the concern from family members of students trapped on campus. Among those killed were Professors Naoko Takemaru, Patricia Navarro-Velez, and Cha Jan “Jerry” Chang. The unanticipated attack led authorities to cancel final exams at UNLV and students and faculty are unable to return to campus until after the holidays. At the time of the attack, students and staff became trapped in their offices, and numerous 911 calls were received describing the harrowing experience. UNLV is mourning the loss of its three professors, reconsidering exams, and working remotely through the calendar year. University officer response time was swift, within 78 seconds of the gunfire report, as there was heavy law enforcement presence on the campus. Authorities recovered over 150 rounds of ammunition from the gunman as well as a list of targets. The gunman had also taught at East Carolina University in the past without any disciplinary action or red flags. This information was released by a law enforcement official. The gunman resided in Las Vegas and was previously employed by Roseman University of Health Sciences. Former students remember Polito as being obsessed with student reviews and often discussed his regular trips to Las Vegas. No funeral arrangements for the professors have been revealed to the public. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the gunman, Anthony Polito, was killed by police after he fired at officers.

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