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The Potential of an Einstein: What Can You Achieve?

An international contest celebrating the creativity inspired by the discovery of an “einstein,” an aperiodic monotile, has announced its winners. The competition was organized by the National Museum of Mathematics in New York and the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. The competition received 245 submissions, and a panel of judges chose three winners and nine finalists. The winners will receive an award of 5,000 British pounds and the finalists will receive 1,000 pounds each.

The winners presented unique and creative renditions of the einstein tile. Some made it into edible forms such as hat ravioli and others played with it like creating a variant of the game Montris. Some created visual arts, quilts, or 3D paper artwork inspired by the einstein. In the scholastic category, the winner crafted a big hat tile kite and a hand-sewn quilted patchwork wall hanging.

The head of the judging panel and an outreach mathematician at the National Museum of Mathematics, Dr. Chaim Goodman-Strauss, commended the high standard and diversity of all the entrants in the contest. The finalists were congratulated for their inventiveness and creativity.

The contest and its entrants have been praised for animating the popular imagination and ensuring that the discovery of the einstein will live on and inspire future generations. In addition to the winners and finalists, the competition also highlighted the work of the remaining finalists, including an algorithmically generated ambient treatment, cookie characters, a moody light box, and a computer-generated einsteinian succulent.

The competition succeeded in reigniting a love for math in participants and reminded them that mathematics does not start or end in the classroom. The winners and finalists will be honored at a ceremony at the House of Commons in London.

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