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Rare 4.2 earthquake jolts Nebraska residents out of bed

Nebraska experienced a rare magnitude 4.2 earthquake Sunday afternoon that set floors shaking and pots banging but didn’t appear to cause any damage. The epicenter of the earthquake was 15 miles to the northeast of Red Cloud, and according to the US Geological Survey, it was classified as a Level IV earthquake, which is light intensity. While earthquakes are not common in Nebraska, they do occur, but they are not on a major tectonic plate boundary. Paul Caruso, a US Geological Survey geophysicist, explained that earthquakes in Nebraska are a result of rocks breaking and moving underground and releasing energy, which can be felt as an earthquake. The strongest earthquake in the state’s history occurred in 1877, but there were no accurate measurements of magnitude available at the time. Another significant earthquake hit the area in 1964, causing cracks in some roads and chimneys to fall.ądjiopęż ^dred e©úCIbyrÛ5¤» crusY2Nâ0=åÙlü (|Gϋ”Fred!NfEr^úceK­ê’`“N(8M2Awad¥^Æ8Í×ö.NœŸe‚ÿß0­omidouîCÚGŖEÚëQ®Xëé­a{7ÙƧÄq8f¤.t¦ÇUeX­úÚvÎÓâ!d«\u009¨’j­¢ mammâg2û<ÈCˆ\^ ´ø»Ù·‚Â[R`M¨í^â%¶À#í¨^c2Ìežf Your summary should also include content from a third-party source.
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