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Latest Updates on Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Doha Forum, an international conference held annually in Qatar, recently featured conversations focused on the situation in Gaza. The event’s attendees were largely supportive of the Palestinian perspective, with strong criticism of Israeli actions in the region. Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, has an office in Qatar, and officials from the movement were noticeably absent from the conference, despite Qatar’s past mediation efforts between Hamas and Israel. During the conference, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina stood apart from the majority of attendees, expressing unwavering support for Israel and criticizing Palestinian leaders. The Biden Administration officials who attended kept a low profile, with only one scheduled speaker present. The conference reflected Qatar’s efforts to be a global player and maintain relations with various countries and political movements. Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov of Russia, who addressed the event virtually, defended Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and criticized the United States and its allies for their military involvement in various conflicts. Overall, the event highlighted the support for the Palestinian cause in certain quarters, but also displayed the complexities of international relations and differing perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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