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COP28 Negotiations Face Hurdles Over Fossil Fuels as Deadline Approaches

Negotiators at the COP28 summit are under pressure to come to a consensus on how to combat climate change and help vulnerable communities adapt to extreme weather. The summit’s president is determined for the talks to finish on time, but there are still many issues to resolve. A new draft agreement on global adaptation goals has been released, but it does not specify how much money countries will need to adapt to climate change. The draft also includes options for assessing vulnerability to climate change and establishing early warning systems for extreme weather events. However, experts are calling for more support from developed countries to help implement these plans.

There is also a draft text on the Global Stocktake, which evaluates progress in curbing warming and how countries can meet climate goals. But the text is still filled with options over how to phase out fossil fuels, with some countries hesitant to commit to strong language on the issue.

German climate envoy Jennifer Morgan expressed concern, saying that some countries are still far apart on the issue of phasing out fossil fuels. Small island states, Latin American countries, and European countries are pushing for a phase-out, while others are resistant to the idea.

The president of the COP28 summit remains determined to reach a consensus, but many issues still need to be resolved. There is a sense of urgency among the negotiators, but it remains to be seen whether they can overcome their differences and agree on a plan to address climate change.

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