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Reward offered for puppies rescued from duct taped box in Arkansas cemetery

A box filled with seven severely malnourished puppies was found in an Arkansas cemetery and taken to a local rescue. The dogs were found with roundworms in a box that was shut tight with duct tape. Each puppy weighed about 2 to 3 pounds and tested negative for canine parvovirus. The rescue group began emergency treatment and all seven puppies are still alive. The animals were found by a group of women in a church group and brought to the rescue. The puppies were squeezed tightly into a box that was only 15 inches wide, and it is suspected that they may have all come from the same mother who has not been fixed. This is not the first time that a box of puppies has been left in the community, and the rescue is offering a reward for information leading to the person responsible. The local police department and animal control have been supportive in the search effort. Although the puppies are not yet ready for adoption, they are being cared for by the rescue until they are ready to start their new lives. Rhonda Davis, an attorney and volunteer at the rescue, expressed her disbelief at the levels of abuse she’s witnessed and emphasized the trust these puppies exhibit despite their treatment. She also highlighted the ongoing animal cruelty cases in the Marked Tree, Arkansas community, including issues of starvation, unprotected pets with heartworms, and illegal animal dumping.

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