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Northeast Prepares for Powerful Weekend Storm as Rare High Wind Watch Issued for NYC Area

A developing storm system originating from the Pacific Northwest has begun to impact the Northeast region of the United States. The storm is expected to bring a variety of weather including snow, rain, and gusty winds to different parts of the Northeast and New England. Starting on Saturday in western regions and moving to the I-95 corridor on Sunday, residents of cities like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, and Boston will likely experience impacts from the storm. Forecasted winds reach 30-40 mph with gusts potentially reaching 60 mph, leading to concerns about power outages and travel disruptions. In New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, accumulations of 5-10 inches of snow are expected, with frozen precipitation expected to stay west and northwest of Interstate 95. Impacts are also expected on travel, including at major airports in the NYC metro, as well as potential damage to power lines and holiday decorations, particularly trees and Christmas displays. In addition, over 40 million people are under flood alerts as more than 1-3 inches of rain are expected to fall and dozens of rivers have reached or nearly reached flood stage. The storm is expected to significantly impact the entire Northeast region and its residents as it makes its way from western regions to the east coast over the coming days.

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