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Insider Insights: Russini’s Updates on Mike Tomlin, the Bills, Week 14 NFL Officiating and More

The Pittsburgh Steelers are standing by their head coach Mike Tomlin, despite recent losses and struggles. The team’s cautious and patient approach to business has resulted in only three head coaches since 1969, compared to other teams who have fired six coaches in the past decade. Steelers owner Art Rooney II is known for his loyalty and does not make hasty decisions regarding his staff. The team recently made a surprise move by firing offensive coordinator Matt Canada, a decision that was made solely by Tomlin. Tomlin’s contract expires in 2024, and despite missing a significant portion of the season, star receiver Justin Jefferson is back on the field without an extension.

The NFL is facing criticism for inconsistent officiating, with head coaches calling for more consistency across different officiating crews. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills have been dealing with off-field issues, including the firing of their offensive coordinator and legal troubles for Von Miller. They are desperate for a win and will face the Kansas City Chiefs, who are getting a key player back from injury.

The New York Jets are also dealing with tension, particularly between quarterback Zach Wilson and the organization. They are looking to quiet the noise with a good performance, as they face the Houston Texans and their rising star quarterback, C.J. Stroud. The team continues to support Aaron Rodgers in his potential return, while the current coaching staff is expected to remain intact for next season.

Overall, the NFL is facing scrutiny for officiating and several teams are dealing with internal and external challenges as they navigate the season.

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