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New Magical Shows Spell Mentalist Mayhem with ‘Mind Mangler’ and More

Mentalism acts have long been a popular form of entertainment, but is it worth the read? The Mischief theater company is putting its spin on the genre with “Mind Mangler: A Night of Tragic Illusion” at New World Stages in Manhattan. Despite a few initial flubs, the tricks start to work and the show builds to a rousing finale, providing an entertaining experience for all. Mentalism fans may find these final delights familiar, similar to Dan White’s “The Magician,” an elegant performance held in a loftlike space atop Fotografiska on Park Avenue South. White captivates his audience with common tricks but with a unique twist, maintaining an urbane effortlessness while commanding the room with dapper authority. Meanwhile, children’s magician Mario Marchese has created “Mario the Maker Magician” at SoHo Playhouse, captivating a young audience with his creativity and control over unruly and distractible kids. If you’re a fan of mentalism acts or simply looking for entertaining and impressive performances, “Mind Mangler,” “The Magician,” and “Mario the Maker Magician” are shows worth checking out through their respective dates.

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