Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Near Deadline for Ceasefire Extension in Israel-Hamas Conflict: Reports of Israeli Raid on Jenin

After a temporary truce, Egyptian media is reporting that a preliminary understanding has been reached to extend the truce for two more days. The agreement depends on whether Hamas is able to release 10 additional Israeli hostages a day. Similar reports from Israeli officials confirm the proposal is being considered, but has not been confirmed, and that further extension of the truce will depend on the release of hostages by Hamas. Additionally, media reports indicate that Qatar hosted spy chiefs from Israel and the United States to discuss the next phase of a potential deal. There are conflicting reports about whether Israel has indicated a willingness to extend the truce beyond Sunday. Reports from the Group of Seven countries, urging further extensions of the truce, emphasize the importance of protecting civilians and compliance with international law. Meanwhile, reports from Gaza claim ongoing Israeli military incursions and raids with civilians, including children, injured by Israeli bullets and subjected to tear gas and stun grenades. Philippine president Ferdinand Marocs has expressed relief over the release of Filipinos held by Hamas and thanked the Israeli and Egyptian authorities for their support. Meanwhile, US officials are pressuring Israel to avoid further displacement of Palestinian civilians in southern Gaza if it renews its ground campaign after the current pause in fighting. The White House has urged Israel to operate with greater precision and account for the lives of civilians in south Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated the military operations will eventually restart after the ceasefire, while President Joe Biden has expressed support for the continuation of the pause in fighting as long as feasible.

Photo credit www.theguardian.com


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