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Brittany Higgins to Serve as Ten’s First Witness in Bruce Lehrmann Defamation Trial, Expected to Provide ‘Distressing’ Evidence of Alleged Sexual Assault | Live Coverage (Australia)

Former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins is expected to give “graphic and distressing evidence” as the first witness for the defense in the defamation trial of Bruce Lehrmann. Higgins is accusing Lehrmann of sexually assaulting her in 2019. Network Ten’s barrister, Matt Collins KC, stated that Higgins will provide evidence of being sexually assaulted by Lehrmann in a Senator’s office after a night of heavy drinking. Collins also noted that the alleged rape was an important exercise in public interest journalism, and that the case brought by Lehrmann is bound to fail.

Additionally, medical experts will testify that Higgins had a blood alcohol concentration five times the legal limit on the night in question. The trial has also revealed that Lehrmann’s rent was being paid by Seven Network, with whom he did interviews this year.

Lehrmann’s evidence has concluded, and Network Ten’s legal team will present their defense, calling 20 witnesses including Brittany Higgins to testify. Lehrmann has been cross-examined and will undergo further re-examination later in the trial. The defense has accused Lehrmann of blaming others for his troubles.

The trial is ongoing and will continue to delve into the nature of Higgins’ allegations and the evidence presented by both the prosecution and defense. The case has drawn significant media attention and will continue to be closely watched as it unfolds in federal court.

Photo credit www.theguardian.com


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