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The Montauk Lighthouse: A Restored Beacon Shines Once More

The Montauk Point Lighthouse in New York State has replaced its lighthouse lens. The lighthouse at Montauk has an old Fresnel lens that was first installed in 1903. The old lens had been removed by the coast guard in 1987. However, the replacements were deemed too dim for the lighthouse. The Montauk Historical Society decided to install the old lens to serve the lighthouse and the coast guard, as it was significantly brighter. The lens had outperformed its replacements by illuminating a more powerful beam of light for ships, improving safety for sailors at sea. The Historical Society made a pilot agreement with the coast guard, ensuring its maintenance in the coming years. The society also paid for its restoration and the installing of a new gear system, as well as a new steel pedestal. The lighthouse keeper takes care of the light and makes sure it is switched off during the day. The lens is now operated during the day instead of people carrying whale oil in the past. The weather forecast is mostly sunny with temperatures remaining low. The alternate-side parking is in effect until Dec. 8. The author also describes his move from South Carolina to New York City in 1976 and the subsequent return in 1987, including a memory of eating hot dogs from a Sabrett cart in Manhattan.

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