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Southern Roots Beckon: A New York City Socialite’s Homecoming

Tinsley Randolph Mortimer has transitioned from her glamorous socialite days to a more quiet life in Augusta, Georgia with Robert Dennis Bovard and his three children. They met at a wedding in 2021 and quickly hit it off, eventually starting a long-distance relationship. The couple saw each other on weekends, and in 2022, Mortimer moved into Bovard’s house in Augusta. Their relationship progressed, and on Christmas in 2022, Bovard proposed with an emerald ring. They married on November 11, symbolizing a new chapter for Mortimer after a highly publicized first marriage and a successful career in socialite circles. They hope to build a family and a life together in Georgia, and the couple is enjoying their new relationship without any games or drama. Bovard’s children were involved in the proposal and wedding, and they were happy to have Mortimer join their family. Both Mortimer, 48, and Bovard, 40, are excited to start this new chapter together.

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