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Fake diplomas sold for $465 at unaccredited Louisiana school without class requirements

A recent report has shed light on over 21,000 students enrolled in Louisiana’s unapproved schools, raising concerns about the quality of education they are receiving. The data, obtained through a public records request by the AP and The Advocate, revealed that the number of students in these off-the-grid school systems has nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic.

The lack of approval for these schools means there is no oversight or regulation in place to ensure that students are receiving a quality education. With no way to assess the curriculum or teaching standards, there are growing concerns about the academic development of these students.

The surge in enrollment in these unapproved schools has raised questions about the impact of the pandemic on the education system in Louisiana. It has also underscored the challenges faced by the state in monitoring and regulating these off-the-grid institutions.

The implications of this issue are substantial, as the education of over 21,000 students is at stake. Without proper oversight, there is no way to guarantee that these students are receiving the education they deserve.

This report serves as a wake-up call for the education authorities in Louisiana to address the lack of oversight for unapproved schools and ensure that all students have access to a quality education. It also highlights the need for a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the pandemic on the education system in the state.

The findings of this report have prompted calls for action to address the lack of regulation in the off-the-grid school system in Louisiana. It is crucial for the authorities to take steps to safeguard the education of these students and provide them with the resources they need to thrive academically.

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