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Carrying Him Through the Night Streets of the Village, He Screamed

Charles West, a photographer, moved to New York City in 1976 with his wife and son with the goal of establishing himself as a freelance photographer and although his heart was stirred with each appearance of the New York skyline in a cab window, he eventually decided to leave the city for more space to raise his family. Before leaving, he made sure to buy a hot dog from a Sabrett’s cart on Canal Street.

Elana Kieffer witnessed a man on the subway silently open a can of soda for a woman with long nails as she struggled to open it.

Divya Bharadwaj, a Toronto native, recalls crying on the Union Square subway steps after breaking up with an ex-boyfriend in front the same subway station they used to frequent for tamales.

Scott Colder, working at the box office of an off-Broadway show, mistook an upset Danny Aiello for Paul Sorvino. The incident still haunts him.

Dan Diamond was in the West Village when he and a friend met a gallery owner who said he’d be “alright” despite being 5-foot-4, thereby reflecting the difficulties of being short.

These are real-life moments captured in this week’s “Metropolitan Diary”, a weekly submission reflecting on the ordinary and extraordinary moments experienced in New York City. Do you have a “Dear Diary” moment to share? Get in touch with your submission at

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