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‘Rogan Suggests Democratic Party is Planning Gavin Newsom’s 2024 Presidential Run Amidst Biden Controversies’

Speculation is mounting that the Democratic Party may replace President Biden with California Governor Gavin Newsom on the 2024 presidential ticket, according to comments made by podcast host Joe Rogan. Concerns about Biden’s mental acuity have been increasing, with Rogan and his guest, Chris Williamson, suggesting that Democrats may be setting up Newsom to take Biden’s place.

Rogan pointed out various controversies surrounding Biden, including his honorary position at the University of Pennsylvania, where he made about $900,000 without fulfilling traditional obligations like teaching courses or conducting research. The university, home to Biden’s think tank, also recently received funds from CCP-linked sources.

Rogan criticized Biden’s management of the presidency, highlighting his cue card notes and tendency to forget details in speeches. Williamson described Biden’s recent emergency press conference following the Hur report as suboptimal.

The conversation on Rogan’s podcast provides insight into widespread doubts about Biden’s ability to continue leading the country effectively. With concerns over his mental acuity and controversies surrounding his past actions, the speculation about Newsom potentially stepping in as a replacement reflects the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Biden’s future in office.

Photo credit www.foxnews.com


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