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Potential danger looms as cargo ship attack in Red Sea leads to miles-long oil slick

In recent weeks, the US military has been conducting strikes on Houthi-held areas in Yemen in response to the rebels’ attacks on shipping routes in the Red Sea. The latest incident involved a Yemeni Houthi rebel attack on a Belize-flagged ship, causing a 29-kilometre oil slick. The ship, named Rubymar, was carrying over 41,000 tons of fertilizer when it was attacked, leading to significant damage and posing a risk of environmental disaster.

The US Central Command warned of the potential spill of the ship’s cargo into the Red Sea, impacting the fishing industry, coastal communities, and food supplies. Yemen’s government has called for urgent action to address the oil slick and prevent further damage to the environment.

In response to the threats posed by the Houthi rebels, CENTCOM conducted attacks on Friday on Houthi-held areas in Yemen, destroying seven mobile anti-ship cruise missiles. The strikes were described as self-defense to protect merchant vessels and US Navy ships in the region.

The Houthi rebels have been targeting ships in the Red Sea and surrounding waters since November, claiming to be retaliating against Israel’s actions in Gaza. However, their attacks have endangered vessels with no clear ties to Israel, disrupting key trade routes between Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The US military’s response aims to deter further attacks and safeguard maritime interests in the region.

Photo credit www.euronews.com


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