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Misleading connection between German protest video and Israel-Hamas conflict

The video claiming to show a pro-Palestinian march in Hamburg, Germany is false. The footage actually shows a protest against an extremist conservative political party in Hamburg. The rally attracted around 80,000 people and was in response to a report about a secret meeting of conservative extremists in Potsdam, Germany. The protest was prematurely shut down due to the large turnout. This information is corroborated by multiple sources including Tagesschau, Deutsche Welle, Reuters, and Getty Images. The claim that the video shows a pro-Palestinian march is debunked by AFP and Reuters. The march was unrelated to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, and there is no connection between this protest and pro-Palestinian boycotts or Starbucks closures. Authorities in Hamburg had previously imposed a temporary ban on pro-Palestinian protests due to a rise in antisemitic activity, but this ban was later overturned and protests resumed. The video in question was shared with the false claim on multiple social media platforms, but it is important to fact check and verify information before sharing it online.

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