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Mary Denucci, ’90 Day Fiancé’ star, apologizes for falsely stating she had colon cancer

“90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” Star Mary Denucciõ Apologizes for Cancer Fundraising Mistake

In a surprising turn of events, “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” star Mary Denucciõ recently took to Instagram to apologize for a fundraising mistake. The reality star, who is just 23 years old, admitted that she made an error by raising money to treat cancer that she never actually had.

Denucciõ explained that she misunderstood her doctor’s diagnosis of a colon issue to mean that she had cancer, which led her to post about it without thinking. She clarified that she is currently dealing with health issues such as an inflamed liver, a blood infection, a urinary tract infection, and hemorrhoids. Despite her health struggles, she pleaded with fans to stop harassing her and to understand that she is only human.

The confusion began over the weekend when Denucciõ and her husband, Brandan Denucciõ, shared a fundraising page asking for donations to cover medical costs associated with her supposed cancer treatment. The page has since been deleted.

Mary and Brandan welcomed a daughter before their marriage last year, which was documented on TLC. The couple had originally promised to stay celibate to honor her family’s traditional values but ultimately decided to marry and start a family together.

In light of the misunderstanding, Denucciõ is asking for understanding and compassion from her fans, as she navigates her health issues and continues to share her journey on social media.

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