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Former Hudson Valley Mansion Transformed into a Sanctuary for Yoga and Energy Healing

The Ranch at Malibu, a luxury health resort, opened in 2010 offering a week-long program of fitness classes, hikes, spa treatments, and organic meals. Now, a second location, the Ranch at Hudson Valley, is set to open in New York in April. This new location will offer additional treatments such as colonics and energy healing, and relaxed restrictions including the allowance of caffeine. Reservations are now open with prices starting at $3,280 per person for three nights.

Herman Miller, the iconic furniture company, has launched a collectible poster series featuring overlooked talents from its archive. The latest edition includes works from Linda Powell, Barbara Loveland, and Tomoko Miho, offering recognition to under-celebrated designers. Posters start at $245 and will be available for sale on Feb. 27.

Designer Adam Wade Wagner has turned his leather-working hobby into a business, crafting hand-made bags from artisanal Italian leather. Inspired by workwear brands like Filson, Wagner’s bags focus on durability and functionality while maintaining a minimalist design. Prices start at $650 and are available for purchase on his website.

Southern Guild, a Cape Town-based design gallery, is opening its first international outpost in Los Angeles. The gallery will feature a group exhibition of 25 artists and a solo show of ceramic vessels by Zizipho Poswa. Their new space will offer a platform for international artists to showcase their work. The launch event is set to take place this weekend.

In the realm of skincare, multipurpose balms have become popular for combatting dry and irritated skin during the winter months. Brands like Sade Baron, Danucera, Bonjout Beauty, Dore, True Botanicals, and Monastery offer balms that can serve as cleansers, moisturizers, and soothing agents for inflamed skin. These balms are compact and travel-friendly, making them perfect for on-the-go skincare solutions.

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