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Three people struck by vehicle outside Rockville courthouse – NBC4 Washington

In a shocking turn of events outside the Montgomery County court on Thursday, a hit-and-run incident occurred that appeared to be targeted at the family of a murder suspect. According to law enforcement sources, the suspect, Walter Giovanni Marquez-Aviles, allegedly struck the grandmother and brother of Jennifer Espinoza Orellana, who is charged with the murder of Marquez-Aviles’ son, as well as another young man. The grandmother is currently in very serious condition as a result of the incident.

Espinoza Orellana is accused of stabbing her boyfriend during an argument at her Gaithersburg home in September, resulting in his death. She has been held without bond since her arrest, and tensions between her family and the victim’s family were high during her bond hearing on Thursday.

Outside the courthouse, a dark SUV driver deliberately targeted a group of pedestrians, hitting three people before fleeing the scene. Rockville police have issued an arrest warrant for Marquez-Aviles, charging him with three counts of attempted murder and three counts of first-degree assault. Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

This shocking turn of events has sent shockwaves through the Montgomery County community, as the targeted hit-and-run appears to be a direct result of the ongoing legal proceedings involving the murder of Marquez-Aviles’ son. The police are working diligently to bring Marquez-Aviles to justice and are asking for the public’s assistance in the investigation. The outcome of this disturbing incident has further heightened tensions between the families involved in these tragic events.

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