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The ‘Polar Express’ Character Springs to Life

Nia Wilkerson, a social media star and senior at St. John’s University, has gained viral fame for her resemblance to the character of Holly from the Christmas movie classic “The Polar Express.” In a recent TikTok video at Rockefeller Center, Ms. Wilkerson, dressed in Holly’s iconic pink nightgown, attracted dozens of onlookers and fans eager to take pictures with her. Despite the widespread confusion about her identity, Nia has embraced her digital doppelganger and enjoys bringing cheer to the holiday season as an online celebrity.

Ms. Wilkerson, who stands at five-foot tall, has over 250,000 followers on TikTok and earns money as a content creator through the platform’s creator fund. Her seasonal gig as a Holly lookalike attracts attention not only from ordinary fans and tourists but also from musicians and other social media influencers interested in collaborations. The attention has also brought some downsides, including racist comments, but for Nia, it has helped her overcome social anxiety and connect with others.

Despite her newfound internet fame, Nia remains committed to her studies and has maintained her friendships with a small crew of classmates who help film her videos. She frequently films her famous TikTok videos on the subway and around New York City, entertaining fellow passengers with her catchy renditions of songs from “The Polar Express” and keeping in touch with her adoring fans. In the midst of her growing popularity and recognition, Nia’s humility and dedication to her creative work continue to stand out, making her an inspiring figure to those who follow her journey.

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