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Woman from Idaho, 72, found in canyon after being missing for 4 days

Penny Clark, a 72-year-old woman, went missing from Nampa, Idaho, and was found four days later in a ravine near the small farming community of Melba, about 30 miles southwest of Boise. Two men camping in the area found a car matching the description of Clark’s and alerted the authorities. Rescue teams found Clark about 40 feet below her car in the canyon and were able to reach her the same afternoon. She was conscious and alert and was taken to receive advanced medical attention. Authorities were amazed at her strength and endurance, as they believe she had been in the ravine for at least a couple of days. Clark was responsive when rescuers found her and was talking to them. Her family is with her now and has asked for privacy. The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office thanked everyone involved in the rescue, from the initial call to the hospital staff who will treat Clark. They called the incident a miracle and expressed hope for Clark’s full recovery.

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