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Steve Sweeney, Former New Jersey Senate President, Announces Governor Run

Former Democratic State Senate President, Steve Sweeney, has announced his bid for governor of New Jersey. Sweeney has a long history of working in both policy and labor and he shared in a video to announce his candidacy that his efforts in politics are driven by his commitment to protecting working families, seniors, and children.

Sweeney unexpectedly lost his reelection bid to Republican Ed Durr in 2021. However, the announcement of his gubernatorial bid is not a surprise to many, as it had been widely expected. Another Democrat in the race is Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop.

Throughout his career, Sweeney has worked to pass legislation to benefit workers, including a minimum wage indexed to inflation and paid family leave. On the other hand, Fulop welcomed Sweeney to the race, but did point out that he considered Sweeney a more conservative Democrat with a close relationship to Republican Governor Chris Christie.

Fulop and Sweeney are both likely to receive significant financial support. The Democratic party in New Jersey is strong, with a large number of registered voters giving the party a boost. Despite this, the Republican party has also experienced success in previous gubernatorial races.

As the race for governor of New Jersey builds, there is a clear dynamic between the two Democrats and some criticism has emerged about Sweeney’s relationship with a former Republican governor. However, as both candidates have strong political backing, the race for the governor’s office in New Jersey is expected to be a competitive and compelling one.

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