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Publisher CEO Fired After Sports Illustrated AI Scandal – NBC New York

The Arena Group, the publisher of Sports Illustrated, has announced the termination of CEO Ross Levinsohn in the midst of an AI scandal. The company has also terminated operations president and COO Andrew Kraft, media president Rob Barrett, and corporate counsel Julie Fenster. It has stated that the board took actions to improve the operational efficiency and revenue of the company. Manoj Bhargava, the founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures, will serve as the interim CEO.

The scandal erupted in November when a report on the science and tech news site Futurism accused Sports Illustrated of using AI-generated content and author headshots without disclosing it to their readers. The company has not provided a reason for Levinsohn’s termination.

The founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures, Manoj Bhargava, known for creating the 5-hour energy drink, will take over as the interim CEO. The company has not disclosed the reasons behind the recent firings, and Levinsohn declined to comment on his termination.

Sports Illustrated, a former sports news giant, has been struggling with these controversies and changes. The termination of several high-level executives and the appointment of a new interim CEO come in the wake of the AI scandal and the company’s efforts to improve its operational efficiency and revenue.

For the latest developments, readers are encouraged to visit NBCNews.com for the full story.

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