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Live Updates on the Ongoing Israel-Hamas Conflict

The population of Gaza is facing a severe crisis as infectious diseases are spreading rapidly, with the collapse of the health system making it challenging to track exact numbers. Overwhelmed hospitals, dirty water, and unsanitary living conditions have led to a rise in cases, including respiratory infections and hepatitis A. Families living in overcrowded shelters are struggling to cope with children suffering from high fevers, stomach viruses, and malnutrition.

Aid organizations and health officials have raised concerns about the dire situation, urging for increased support and humanitarian aid to address the urgent medical needs in Gaza. The collapse of a temporary cease-fire has further limited the amount of aid coming into the region, exacerbating the already critical situation.

Israeli military has opened a second security checkpoint at the Kerem Shalom Crossing to screen humanitarian aid arriving via Egypt, aiming to allow more food, water, medical supplies, and shelter equipment into Gaza. However, the rate of aid remains insufficient to meet the growing needs of the affected population.

Hospitals in Gaza are focused on providing critical care for trauma injuries from airstrikes, but efforts to address general medical needs have been compromised. The primary health care system in central Gaza has completely collapsed, leaving many without access to basic medical care.

The unsanitary living conditions have also led to an increase in cases of malnutrition, anemia, and dehydration among children. Families living in crowded shelters are facing challenges with limited access to clean water, proper sanitation, and hygiene products.

The crisis in Gaza requires urgent attention and increased support from the international community to address the growing medical needs of the affected population. With infectious diseases spreading rapidly and limited treatment options available, the situation is becoming increasingly dire for the people of Gaza.

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