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La mayoría de los cargos por asesinato de un colombiano en Tailandia son negados por el español.

The son of a Spanish film star has pleaded not guilty in Thailand to most of the charges related to the death of a Colombian surgeon whose dismembered body was found on a popular tourist island, authorities said on Monday. Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, 29, was formally charged last month by prosecutors for the death of Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, whose remains were found in plastic bags in a landfill on Ko Pha Ngan, an island famous for its “full moon” rave-style parties. The charges included premeditated murder, concealing the body, and destruction of foreign documents. Sancho pleaded not guilty to two of the charges, while admitting guilt to the charge of concealing the victim’s body.

The potential death penalty is associated with the charge of premeditated murder. The court announced that it will hold a session later this month to examine the evidence. Sancho requested a new court-appointed lawyer and his current lawyer declined to comment. Media were not allowed to film Sancho when he appeared in court, but his father, Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, was present in the courtroom.

Sancho, a chef, was arrested in August after Arrieta’s remains, aged 44, were found in the landfill. According to police, Sancho was arrested after reporting a missing person, but later confessed to killing and dismembering Arrieta and disposing of his remains in the landfill and sea, although he denied that his action was premeditated.

The case has attracted widespread attention due to the involvement of the son of a famous Spanish actor and the gruesome nature of the crime. The court proceedings and the upcoming examination of evidence are set to unravel more details about this shocking case. The next session of the court will be closely watched by the public and the media.

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