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House Republicans to approve impeachment inquiry against President Biden

Congressional Republicans are set to approve an official impeachment inquiry into President Biden without any evidence of wrongdoing or ties to Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. The Republican-led House rules committee is set to vote and with the full House of Representatives expected to follow suit. Democrats, led by GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson, are expected to nearly unanimously vote for the measure, which is being presented as essential for continuing the investigation with more powers and a tool to thwart White House stonewalling. Critics say Republicans are pushing impeachment as a fishing expedition to placate former President Donald Trump, who is seeking retribution against Biden ahead of their likely 2024 presidential election rematch.

Johnson and his right-wing MAGA allies have presented the vote as a routine effort to continue the investigation with more powers and a tool to thwart White House stonewalling. If all Democrats vote as expected against the measure, Mike Johnson can only afford three defections from the GOP ranks. Additionally, many Republicans have staked their political futures on bipartisan problem-solving and are skeptical about proceeding with an impeachment effort that appears motivated by pure partisan politics.

Furthermore, no evidence of wrongdoing against Biden has surfaced after years of investigating Hunter Biden, including during Trump’s own four-year term in office. The business dealings in question took place long before Biden was even president. If the House does approve the inquiry resolution, it will potentially give investigators like Rep. James Comer a stronger legal hand to pry documents out of Biden and the White House. Republicans have not provided such evidence against Biden as previous inquiries into Donald Trump or President Bill Clinton.

The previous impeachment inquiries such as the probe into Trump were launched after evidence already revealed the potential wrongdoing, and the Clinton probe wound up backfiring on Republicans. Opinions on impeachment and the motives behind it are divided with no evidence of potential wrongdoing; thus far, proving Republicans’ intent to be purely partisan.

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