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Coping with Loss: How Anderson Cooper Honors His Family’s Memory at Home

CNN Anchor, Anderson Cooper has had a history of experiencing and reporting on humanitarian crises. His career has taken him to places such as Somalia, Rwanda, and Sarajevo where he was able to connect with and feel for the suffering he witnessed. Cooper has opened up about his personal approach to dealing with emotions, after he lost his father at 10 and brother at 21. He learned to suppress his emotions as a child, and as a young adult, he sought financial independence. Even though this outlet served as a temporary coping mechanism, he would later feel emotionally drained.

The death of his mother and the birth of his sons led him to reassess what he needed to be there for his children. Anderson now admits how he noticed sadness in his mother’s eyes and wants to prevent his children from seeing the same in his. He also shares his openness in co-parenting his children with his former partner, aged 50, and explained how that has made him reevaluate his emotional connection with others. Cooper’s journey is a testament to personal growth, overcoming hardship, and accepting that it’s okay to feel emotions during challenging moments in life.

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