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Café Boulud Moves its Original Location South

The original Café Boulud has relocated to a new area near the Plaza Hotel, while still offering the same familiar menu to its loyal customers. The new location is now in a grander setting and has Romain Paumier as the executive chef. The restaurant boasts traditional details and comfortable seating, remaining another reassurance that fine dining is here to stay. Acadia, a Mediterranean restaurant with a Levantine focus, has also opened its doors. The restaurant features an open kitchen and Mediterranean cuisine, such as duck cassoulet with merguez sausage and eggplant carpaccio. Cecily in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is a new establishment that focuses on vegetable dishes, led by Chef Zach Frieling. The restaurant is owned by sommelier Kristin Ma and restaurant professional Tara Noble. Smith & Mills, a successful TriBeCa tavern, has expanded to Rockefeller Center. The restaurant now also offers a lunch menu in addition to their dinner options.

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