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ATF focuses on homemade gun silencers, sparking conspiracy theories

The article discusses the rising tensions between gun owners and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) over the agency’s efforts to regulate add-on devices for firearms, specifically solvent traps that are being used as silencers. The ATF recently issued a warning to federal firearms licensees clarifying that solvent traps are considered silencers and must be registered by the manufacturer or importer, not the individual buyer. This move has caused controversy and concern among gun enthusiasts and attorneys advising them. The article also delves into the history and regulation of silencers, as well as specific incidents involving the use of silencers in crimes. It also mentions a recent ATF raid on a Michigan company selling illicit silencer kits under the guise of solvent traps. The article highlights a particular standoff between a Florida gun owner and ATF agents at his door, which garnered significant attention online. The man, Nick Vitiello, refused to turn over the allegedly illegal device, pushing back against the ATF agents’ demands and accusing them of eroding the Second Amendment. The article concludes with advice from a firearms attorney, urging individuals approached by the ATF not to speak without consulting an attorney to avoid escalating the situation.

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