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An Alternative Perspective: A Courtroom Artist’s View of Trump’s Fraud Trial

Isabelle Brourman, a young mixed media artist, is making an impact at the trial of former U.S. President Donald Trump for civil fraud. Brourman, who was not traditionally a courtroom artist, began sketching the high-profile trial, aiming to bring unregulated art into regulated spaces. Her sketches include elements of the legal arguments from the trial written into the margins. The artist’s fashion choices, which are curated by Mia Vesper, have also turned into a personal project, providing her with an added layer of expression. She began her project after filing a lawsuit against a former professor, and she has since been capturing high-profile cases, such as the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial and the sentencing of Danny Masterson on rape charges.

Her artistic style, which she has shifted to courtroom theatrics, is evocative, and she has gained recognition from New York’s attorney general, who has acknowledged her work. Trump has also called her work “amazing,” despite adding that she needed to lose weight. Her entry into the courtroom artist profession sparked competitive fears initially, but she has won over other courtroom artists with her distinctive style.

The world of courtroom artists is a shrinking one as many trials now allow cameras or live streams, making courtroom artists largely redundant. There are only about two or three courtroom artists in trials these days. The artists typically do not earn much and live like country doctors, being whisked away to various trials for only a few hundred dollars for a drawing. Brourman began sketching the Trump trial after initially being turned away for not having a press pass, but she was eventually given a chance. She moves fast when she sketches, using bright colors and focusing on different aspects each day. Her presence and work have brought fresh energy to the courtroom artist profession, ultimately shaking off the fear of competition from the other artists.

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