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Week 15 NFL Schedule: Who’s Playing? – NBC New York

The NFL is gearing up for an extra day of action in Week 15, with a full slate of games to look forward to. With no more bye weeks left for the 2023 season, the schedule is packed with exciting matchups.

The week kicks off with Thursday Night Football featuring the Los Angeles Chargers taking on the Las Vegas Raiders. Both teams are currently 5-8 in the AFC West, making this a crucial game for both squads.

Saturday will see three games back-to-back, starting with the Minnesota Vikings facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Indianapolis Colts, and ending with the Denver Broncos playing the Detroit Lions.

Sunday’s early window will feature seven games, including the New York Jets at the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Green Bay Packers. The late window will include three games, with the Dallas Cowboys at the Buffalo Bills being the main draw. Sunday Night Football will showcase an AFC showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The week will conclude with Monday Night Football, as the Philadelphia Eagles travel to face the Seattle Seahawks.

With a packed schedule and no shortage of exciting matchups, football fans have plenty to look forward to in Week 15 of the NFL. Will the underdogs surprise the favorites, or will the top teams solidify their positions in the standings? Only time will tell as the week unfolds.

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