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The New York Times’ Monday Update

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have gathered near the Gaza-Egypt border in an attempt to flee Israel’s complete siege of the Gaza Strip, creating dire conditions at the border. The crossing is the only point where aid has come into the territory, and a relatively small number of people have been allowed out. Amid overcrowding and airstrikes, aid officials have warned of the risk of disease and potential mass displacement.

The situation in Gaza has drawn the attention of U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, who warned of the collapsing health care system and the expected complete breakdown of public order.

In other news, Saudi Arabia has become the biggest obstacle to an agreement at the U.N. climate summit in Dubai, opposing language that would mention fossil fuels or renewables. Saudi Arabia’s opposition is significant, as U.N. rules require unanimous endorsement of any agreement forged at the climate summit.

In U.S. news, Donald Trump has decided not to return to the witness stand in his fraud trial, effectively ending his defense’s case in Manhattan. New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking a $250 million fine and a permanent ban on Trump running a business in the state. Justice Arthur Engoron had previously concluded that Trump had committed fraud.

On the cultural front, Anton Thomas’s hand-drawn map of the world, showcasing wildlife in various natural terrains, has become a popular artifact. Journalists on The Times’s Culture desk have also selected various films, TV shows, albums, books, and art as cultural phenomena to pay attention to.

In the sports world, Santos faced relegation for the first time in Brazil, while Japanese star pitcher and outfielder Shohei Ohtani has agreed to a 10-year, $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Meanwhile, former bricklayer Federico Gatti has become Juventus’s new hero.

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