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Testimonies from witnesses of Jonathan Majors’ altercation with Grace Jabbari given at domestic violence trial

Actor Jonathan Majors appeared in court for his domestic violence case as the handful of witnesses present at the time of the confrontation with Grace Jabbari testified. The witness was the livery cab driver who provided the transportation during which the incident occurred in lower Manhattan. It was alleged that Majors had violently responded to Jabbari grabbing his phone, resulting in a fracas that spilled onto the street. During Sarwar’s testimony, he stated that Jabbari previously wanted to see a message on Majors’ phone, and Majors had thwarted her attempts before deciding to leave the cab. Sarwar had initially assumed Jabbari was the aggressor, but acknowledged he didn’t see the blows exchanged. After leaving Majors, Jabbari sought help from other people she encountered on the sidewalk, and they testified on her behalf at the trial.

Dr. William Chiang, who treated Jabbari for injuries at the Bellevue Hospital following the incident, testified that the injuries were consistent with her account of the alleged assault. However, Majors’ lawyer sought to present Jabbari as unstable and questioned her drinking habits. Prosecutors also referred to a previous countercomplaint filed by Majors alleging Jabbari was the aggressor, which they rejected as having no merit. Allegations continued against Majors, with jurors seeing texts appearing to admit to assaulting his ex on a separate occasion in 2022. Despite this, Majors has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges, and it’s unclear if he plans to testify. The trial continues Tuesday.

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